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What is performance appraisal process?

It is possible to give feedback on Performance appraisal process system, assess the level of effectiveness at work, identify talents, check the productivity of employees, among other points that will contribute to the development of measures and training programs to eliminate the problems identified and ensure the expansion of the organization.

Performance appraisal is a tool used by HR, more specifically by the people management area, to measure the performance of employees or areas of a company. It can be carried out periodically according to the needs of the organization.


How to use the 9 box methodology of appraisal process system


The 9 box assessment can be used from a performance appraisal process system that allows its application. It can also be done using spreadsheets. Regardless of the choice, you will need to create columns with criteria that consider the employee’s potential (high, medium and low), aligned with three other columns about their performance (below expected, expected and above expected).


Performance self-assessment


This is a type that can be very advantageous of appraisal process system you already have a mature team engaged in improving results. In addition, it is an excellent way to make employees feel that they are an important part of the improvement processes intended by management to achieve the expected results.

In the self-assessment, the employee himself is encouraged to list his weaknesses and strengths. In a second step in the process, he discusses this self-analysis with his leader. Thus, together, employees and managers can look for solutions to eliminate possible bottlenecks and improve processes.

The use of this tool is a stimulus for professional’s appraisal process system reflect on their performance, promoting their self-knowledge and offering them the chance to show their degree of maturity and their ability to understand the feedback passed on by management towards continuous improvement.


Team assessment


appraisal process

While individual assessments aim to develop the potential of each employee appraisal process system, team assessments are vital for you to have a perception of how joint efforts are capable of impacting the company’s appraisal process system.

From there, management is able to see how the group is aligned and discover how it can promote more exchanges of knowledge and experiences among employees appraisal process, increasing the chances of achieving the expected goals. In the team assessment, what you should focus on is, basically, communication and relationship.


180º performance evaluation


The 180º appraisal process system is a traditional method, in which the employee’s individual performance is verified by his direct manager appraisal process, who closely monitors his routine tasks. Among its benefits is the guarantee of standardization in the analysis criteria, which allows everyone to be evaluated on the same topics.

However, if the relationship between leader and subordinate is not very good, impartiality in results can be compromised. Frictions and conflicts can take away the objectivity of measurements, leading HR to make mistakes.

One way to minimize the problem is appraisal process system. From there, all reports are submitted to a committee composed of the people manager, HR representatives and professionals from different hierarchical levels. The idea is to analyze the criteria used by leaders to make the level of demand more uniform and avoid contamination of reports by personal problems between leader and team member.


360º performance evaluation


360 º performance evaluations is widely used in large companies. Through it, all professionals appraisal process, regardless of hierarchy, can be evaluators and evaluated. This tool allows the employee to be evaluated by himself, his superiors and peers/employees.

Consequently, we arrive at a complex analysis that provides a clear identification of many variables that influence the production of results. After all, the different perspectives complement each other for a more accurate report.


Assessment by competence


In this case, the competence is divided into two parts behavioral: closely linked to the behavior of the employee (proactivity, commitment, teamwork, interpersonal relationships, among others) For this, it must determine which parameters will be used for the diagnosis and establish goals for employees. Thus, it will be possible to assess their technical and behavioral skills (skills for teamwork, proactivity, engagement, etc. Specific knowledge to perform their role, specifically).


Evaluation by objectives


Created in the United States in the 1950s, analysis by objectives is one of the most effective ways to promote a sense of belonging in the team. This is because, in addition to carrying out the performance study itself, employees are responsible for establishing the measures that are necessary for the results to be achieved.

Graphic scale


The graphic scale is probably one of the simplest ways to promote performance evaluation in a company. For this reason, it can be considered one of the most traditional tools. It is a table in which, in a column, the skills to be evaluated will be queued, such as creativity, punctuality, teamwork, attendance, among others. In the other columns, values ​​will be entered for each skill. They can be divided, for example, between excellent, good, fair, bad and very bad.

If you prefer, you can use a numerical scale appraisal process, with scores from zero to five or zero to ten. This simplicity is its greatest advantage, but it can also be considered its weakness: after all, there is a limitation in this appraisal process type of evaluation, as it does not allow for a deeper understanding of the issues that must be improved in the performance of each one.

In any case, it can be used as a starting point for other types of performance analysis of appraisal process.


Leader assessment


Last but not least, it is essential that the company also promotes appraisal process the analysis of its leadership. For managers, feedback from the team can be the way to understand if their performance is effective in driving employees towards the expected results for the success of the business.

In this case, it is the team that will answer questions about the performance of its leaders. They will also be analyzed by their superiors, being able to obtain a more complete view of their work and which points should be improved.

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